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Cancellation Policy

ALL SALES ARE FINAL!!  The Deposit and ANY future payments are non-refundable.
Store credit will NOT be given for canceled events. You will not receive any refund on special order items (including the shipping fees for the item or items pre-made.)

Events cancelled prior to 3 months before the event, if we are able to fill the date with an event of equal or greater value, you will receive a refund.  If we fill with an event that is lower in rental income or cost, you will receive only that portion/the lesser amount you will receive that amount.   If the date is NOT reserved by another party, you will not be refunded any monies.  We will deduct from any refund, shipment cost associated with the purchase of items specifically made/purchased for your event.  Understanding those items belong to the Venue.  If your event is cancelled less than 30days prior to the event date there will be absolutely NO refund. 

Due to Mandated Global Pandemic events (ordered by Government, State or Federal) may be rescheduled without penalty.  If the event must go into the following year, the price difference will be billed.  If the event must go into the next year the Venue has the right to reserve hi-demand booking dates.  


Rescheduled and Postponed Events

While we understand things happen, and life doesn't always go as smooth as planned  Request for date charges or to postpone your Events Must be communicated immediately. When possible, we will reschedule your event date for the next available OPEN date.  You will NOT be permitted to change the theme OR color decorations as items may have already been purchased specifically for your event.   Absolutely NO exceptions! Your request for a date change MUST be communicated at least 3weeks prior to the event date by emailing    

Guest Conduct(including children)

The Event Suite/Sweet Confections Cakes has a zero tolerance for illegal Substances. No Illegal substances are permitted on or within our premises. If this is observed the client will be notified immediately and asked to put a stop to it.  If it persists the authorities will be notified and the event will end without refund.  This includes but is not limited to Marijuana (including marijuana), Heroin, Cocaine etc. ABSOLUTELY No drug use or smoking of any kind is allowed in the facility. Smoking is allowed outside at least 10 feet from the entrances. Please dispose of cigarettes butts in butt can.  Do NOT liter the parking area/lot with butts.  If the venue/premises are blatantly trashed you WILL be charged a minimum $350.00 excessive cleaning fee.  If you (or your guests) remain on premises beyond END time you will be charged additional hourly fee. 

Disparaging remarks or physical violence will not be tolerated, and will be cause for immediate expulsion.  Conduct deemed disorderly or physical violence will be reported to local authorities and the event will END immediately, in such cases, NO PORTION OF EVENT COSTS WILL BE REFUNDED, this includes any and all security deposits.  


While we recognizes that children are often a big part of a special event. However, children must always be under an adult’s supervision, and not allowed to roam freely. Absolutely no children are allowed in the lobby or allowed to linger on the premises unattended.  Within the lobby we have cakes on display that have taken many hours to create.  If the cakes are broken or destroyed in any way by children OR adult guests your deposit will be forfeited.                                                  

Damage/Incidental Security Deposit

There is a $500.00 damage/incidental security deposit due 48 HOURS prior to your event date.  This deposit is normally returned within 1week of your event as long as there are NO violations, missing items or damage.  The security deposit will NOT be refunded if the event suite sustains damage; equipment is broken, missing, or taken by your guests.  The cost for damaged, broken or missing items (plus any delivery or shipping fees) will be subtracted from the deposit.  If the replacement/repair is MORE than the deposit collected, the card on file will be charged the difference if there is NO card on file, we will pursue legal collection of funds if necessary.  NOTE:  If the Event Suite is blatantly trashed you WILL be charged a minimum $350.00 excessive cleaning and if you (or your guests) remain on premises beyond END time you will be charged additional hourly fee.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!      

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