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  • Can we bring our own cake, cupcakes and/or other treats?
    Unfortunately not, we don’t allow any other outside cakes, cupcakes, treats or desserts. However, if booking a platinum event, your party package does include either a 2tier cake OR 6" round and desserts as well as 24 MINI cupcakes. If you wish to offer your guests other desserts/or sweet treats you MUST purchase from Sweet Confections Cakes (our in house bakery). Same is true for edible party favors. Do NOT lose your security deposit by bringing in treats/desserts made at home or purchased outside of Sweet Confections Cakes as you will certainly lose your $500.00 damage/incidental deposit.
  • Can we bring our own food? Or, must we use a select Caterer?
    You are welcome to select your caterer or have friends and family prepare the food. If you need recommendations, we would be happy to supply a list of local caterers.
  • Can you pencil me in and I will come tour the facility to book?
    We do NOT "hold" dates. We require either payment in full or 1/2 deposit based on the event. Your non-refundable payment will secure your date and time . As soon as you are ready to commit to a specific date, give us a call OR send an email. If you have already toured OT visited the Event Suite will will be able to assist you in securing your date.
  • Can I book online?
    At The Event Suite at Sweet Confections, we know how important it is to find the perfect venue to host your event. That's why we require all of our clients to tour our space in person before committing to a booking, to ensure that our venue truly meets their needs and expectations. We believe that once you see all that our venue has to offer, you'll be blown away by its unique and charming atmosphere, perfect for any occasion. Contact us today to schedule your tour!
  • Cancellation Policy
    ALL SALES ARE FINAL!! The Deposit and ANY future payments are non-refundable. Store credit will NOT be given for canceled events. You will not receive any refund on special order items (including the shipping fees for the item or items pre-made.) Events cancelled prior to 3 months before the event, if we are able to fill the date with an event of equal or greater value, you will receive a refund. If we fill with an event that is lower in rental income or cost, you will receive only that portion/the lesser amount you will receive that amount. If the date is NOT reserved by another party, you will not be refunded any monies. We will deduct from any refund, shipment cost associated with the purchase of items specifically made/purchased for your event. Understanding those items belong to the Venue. If your event is cancelled less than 30days prior to the event date there will be absolutely NO refund.
  • Can I arrive early early to set up for my event?
    If you choose to rent the facility ONLY, your arrival time is the time listed on the contract, you will have access for a total of 5 hours. You can purchase additional hours if necessary. If you are doing a Platinum event you may arrive 1/2 hour in advance to deliver/setup food. If getting married or celebrating your reception, the Bride is permitted to arrive 2hours prior to the event to prepare makeup and hair. Food can arrive 30minutes prior to the arrival of guests.
  • Is gratuity included OR must I tip?
    No, we do NOT automatically include gratuity for events. You are welcome to provide a tip directly to your host or at checkout per your discretion. A tip is not required but it is certainly appreciated.
  • Is there a processing fee if using a credit card?
    If paying by Credit Card, there is a processing fee that will be accessed. The processing fee is a convenience fee charged by the credit card processor. This fee is NOT charged if paying in cash. To avoid the credit card processing fee you MUST come into the bakery to pay cash.
  • I don't have a credit card, do you take cash?
    Yes we take cash. You can pay for the Venue rental as well as any deposits in cash, we also take Debit cards
  • What happens if we go into a lockdown?
    As part of our Lockdown Procedure, if you hold a current booking, you will be automatically issued with a digital gift card, which you can use to rebook. Otherwise, this voucher can be used for a variety of products at Sweet Confections Cakes and is valid for 2 years. We also have a Mandated Global Pandemic Event policy, which allows you to move your booking up to 12 months in the future without penalty.
  • Rescheduled and Postponed Events
    While we understand things happen, and life doesn't always go as smooth as planned Request for date charges or to postpone your Events Must be communicated immediately. When possible, we will reschedule your event date for the next available OPEN date. You will NOT be permitted to change the theme OR color decorations as items may have already been purchased specifically for your event. Absolutely NO exceptions! Your request for a date change MUST be communicated at least 3weeks prior to the event date by emailing
  • Is my booking refundable or transferrable?
    All Bookings are non-refundable. The Event Suite at Sweet Confections (including Sweet Confections and 717Cakes) is not required to provide a refund, credit, or transfer if you change your mind, decided you did not like the purchase . If you need to reschedule your event in case of an family emergency you will need to contact us a immediately. You event will be rescheduled for the next available date and MUST be used within 6mos. from the original booking date. We reserve the right to not reschedule, or credit a cancelled event. To find out more, head to our refund policy:
  • How can I check availability?
    Availability can be checked by calling us at 717-671-7111. While we attempt to keep our calendar updated, there is more than 1 personal booking events.
  • Do you sell Gift cards?
    Yes, we sell gift cards both electronic gift cards as well as plastic gift cards.
  • Where do we park?
    We have lots of parking directly out the front and out back of our venue however during busy periods this can fill up. If this parking is filled up there is ample parking in the neighbouring streets just a short walk from the venue.
  • I booked for 50 people, but only 30 showed up. Can I get a partial refund?
    No refunds for no shows or cancellations after final payment is made 2 weeks prior to event. The Event Suite's event decorations and set-up is based on the amount of confirmed guests 2weeks prior to the event date. Also, final payment is due 2 weeks prior to event.
  • Can I add extra guests on the day of or prior to my event?
    After initial booking: If you’ve completed your initial booking you can add additional guests up to 2weeks prior to the event date. Please contact us immediately via to confirm. Please note that if we have passed our capacity for that time period, we may not be able to add any additional guests. After full payment: If you have finalized your booking and completed payment 2 week prior and would like to add extra guests, please contact the team on 717-671-7111. Please note that this is subject to availability and full payment is required at the time of request, please understand, it might not be possible to add additional guests at such last minute. On the day of the party: Unfortunately, due to capacity and event set-up additional party guests cannot be added on the day of the event.
  • Who do we contact with issues during our event?
    We remain on site throughout your event. Any issues should be reported to use immediately.
  • Can we end our party at 2am
    Our facility, Premisses and Parking lot MUST BE VACATED by 12midnight. No Exceptions!! All music MSUT end by 11:30 and guests should begin to vacate the premisses by 11:30 if your event is scheduled to end at 12midnight. This will allow enough time for the premisses are vacated by 12midnight and you will not incur additional fees. If guest linger in the parking lot after 12mid-night there will be an additional 1hour rental as we must remain on premisses until the facility and parking is vacated.
  • Can we smoke within the facility?
    Absolutely NO smoking within our facility. Smoking outside is permitted as long as you are 10 feet from any entrance. Smoking is also PROHIBITED within the tent.
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